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Kassem Moukahal

Kassem founded Fresh Future Illinois in order to help Democratic candidates from Illinois in their effort to run for political office.

As one of the youngest candidates to run for office in the state of Illinois, Kassem learned a great deal about the election process and can testify to just how challenging it can be for first-time political candidates. To this end, Kassem is working to bring together a network of experienced Democratic political experts to assist and mentor first-time Democratic candidates for public office.

Founded by Kassem Moukahal, who at only 22 years of age became one of the youngest Illinoisans to ever be a major party nominee for the Illinois General Assembly, Fresh Future Illinois seeks to assist first-time potential Democratic Party candidates interested in running for public office by offering a network of support and campaign guidance. We believe that it is beyond past time for real change in Illinois politics and we want to support the next generation of public servants who will shape Illinois for years to come.  


When Kassem was running for office during the 2020 election cycle, he was a first-time candidate and had to overcome many obstacles just to get his name on the ballot. The process for a new candidate to run for office can be very daunting and is very difficult to successfully complete without direction and assistance. Career politicians and Springfield insiders want the process to get on the ballot to continue to be an extremely difficult and unpleasant experience, dissuading potential first-time candidates and possible opponents. We at Fresh Future Illinois want to change that! In order for Illinois to have a more equitable and prosperous future, we need new innovative ideas and new exceptional public officials. When the political process becomes more inclusive and equitable, that is when we will truly have an abundance of quality candidates for whom to vote. This is why we are excited and committed to assist potential first-time candidates. While preference to whom Fresh Future Illinois will provide assistance will be given to younger potential Democratic candidates, who are greatly underrepresented in our state and national government, anyone who is interested in becoming a first-time Democratic candidate and aspires to facilitate positive change in Illinois is welcome to reach out to Fresh Future Illinois. We look forward to hearing from you and bringing a brighter future to Illinois.


Please note that Fresh Future Illinois is not a political committee and does not raise or donate money on behalf of any candidate or political group. Our mission is simply to provide guidance and a network of mentorship for first-time or potential first-time Democratic candidates.

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